SWAT 4 Cheat Codes

You must edit the swat4.ini file to enable cheat codes in SWAT 4. After backing up the file, make the following changes:
"EnableDevTools=False" -> "EnableDevTools=True"

Once that is accomplished, you can press ~ during the game to show the console window and enter the following cheat codes:

Change the strength of gravity
setgravity [number]

Change your jump height
setjump [number]


Map selection

No clipping (go through walls)
enable with "ghost", disable with "walk"

Third person view
behindview [0 for off, 1 for on]

No Damage
Open the Swatgame.ini file and make the following changes:
"SPDamageModifierEasy=0.5;" -> "SPDamageModifierEasy=0.0;"
"SPDamageModifierNormal=1.0;" -> "SPDamageModifierNormal=0.0;"
"SPDamageModifierHard=1.5;" -> "SPDamageModifierHard=0.0;"
"SPDamageModifierElite=1.5;" -> "SPDamageModifierElite=0.0;"