StarCraft Cheat Codes

Console Cheat Codes
To access the console, press 'enter' during gameplay and enter the following cheat codes:

Build anything
modify the phase variance

Build faster and get instant upgrades
operation crawl

Continue after mission completed
staying alive

Enable mission select

Free unit upgrades
medieval man

Full map
black sheep wall

Get 500 more minerals
whats mine is mine

Get 500 more vespene gas
breathe deep

Get 10,000 more minerals and gas
show me the money

Indestructible buildings and ships
power overwhelming

Lose game
game over man

Opponent has no psionics

Remove fog of war
war aint what it used to be

Select Protoss mission
protoss[mission number]

Select Terran mission
terran[mission number]

Select Zerg mission
zerg[mission number]

Skip mission
there is no cow level

Unlimited psionic ability
the gathering

Unlimited units
food for thought

Upgrade everything
something for nothing

Win game
man over game