Theme Hospital Cheat Codes

In-Game Cheat Codes
To enable cheats, you must enter "24328" into the fax machine and activate the green button. Then using the following keys during gameplay:

Cause earthquake
Press 'Shift' + 'Q'

Cause emergency
Press 'ctrl' + 'E'

Change patient's appearance
Press 'shift' + 'L'

Change patient's disease, target room, and cause them to vomit
Press 'shift' + 'I'

Complete all research
Press 'ctrl' + 'C'

Create patient at pointer
Press 'shift' + '1'

Create specialist doctor
Press 'shift' + 'S'

Get $10,000
Press 'shift' + 'C'

Get $9,999,999,999
Press 'left shift' + 'right shift' + 'C'

Get all items
Press 'shift' + 'ctrl' + 'C'

Jump to end of month
Press 'ctrl' + 'M'

Jump to end of year
Press 'ctrl' + 'Y'

Lose the game
Press 'F11'

Win current level
Press 'F12'