World War II Newsreels (2009-08-18)

I found some great newsreels from World War II that I had to add before the night was over. I love old newsreels and you will notice that the video section has quite a few! :D Some of these are from the Allies and some are from the Nazis, there is even one that shows the construction of Panzer Tanks. Very cool stuff!

Misc. Stuff (2009-08-18)

Today I added a few user submissions, including some schematics and ebooks. I also added some World War I pictures to the history section that are pretty cool. If you have anything you want to add to the website, feel free to email it to me or submit it through the "Submit Content" link on the right!

Civil War Pictures (2009-08-16)

I just added a number of pictures from the Civil War that I found. I've always found that era fascinating, since it is cool seeing early photographs. Unfortunately, some of these are a bit gruesome. It is a shame there are no pictures of the Revolutionary War, that would really be something to see.

Pool's Closed (2009-08-04)

Not much action around here lately, but at least we have stopped the spammers from taking over the forum. I had to revert several months of posts and put in some very difficult captcha images to turn the tide. I also have to approve forum accounts so just be aware of that.

New Server (2009-07-20)

If you can read this, you are using our brand new server! It took me about 3 days to transfer everything over and now I can cancel the old account. The specifications are about the same, but now we also have mirror RAID and a slightly faster processor as well as a newer OS and version of Plesk. The best thing is that it is $60/month instead of $200/month! If you notice any problems with the website, let me know since I may have forgotten something.

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